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Cancellations & Returns



                              If you the customer cancel the order www.alaincooponline.com shall cancel the order as per your request however the online transaction charges will not be refunded also the cost of delivering and re-picking charges will apply if the product has been shipped. Al Ain Coop Web store will not be able to cancel orders that have already been shipped. www.alaincooponline.com  has the full right to demonstrate whether an order has been shipped or not. The customer agrees not to dispute the decision made by www.alaincooponline.com and accept www.alaincooponline.com decision regarding the cancellation.

 For details of how to cancel your order please visit our returns and refunds page or contact customer support.


                          If your products arrive damaged or they are faulty, you may return them and obtain a refund or replacement product. Please visit our returns and refunds for details of how to return them and details of our replacement and refund policy.


                   If you are entitled to a refund, we will refund you according to the following criteria:
 www.alaincooponline.com is unable to procure products: a reasonable time of 7-10 days from the date of authorization has to be given.

                  Products are dead on arrival.

                   Products are lost in Delivery.

                  Refund for porducts purchased under a promotional offer will be based on the terms of the promotional price.

        Refund settlement will only be effected once the bank has refunded the money which is the next billing cycle from the date of application of refund. www.alaincooponline.com will refund the delivery charge in full if you return all products of your order at the same time. If you choose to keep some of the products, we may retain the balance of the delivery charge that applies to the products you keep.

         Please keep all items with their complete packaging and inside packaging intact if you intend to refund any items within the conditions set out. No exchange or refund will be considered without proper packing.